Swap your cryptocurrency for instant-issue VISA eGift Card Numbers

What is EvoChain?

EvoChain is a blockchain technological innovation that offers businesses and institutions the ability  to  benefit  from  blockchain  technology,  by  applying  it  to  smart  invoices,  and  instant-issue Visa Debit Card Numbers, enabling purchases through crypto even on sites that don’t accept  crypto  payments,  by  utilizing  smart  invoices,  no  coding  required,  with  low fees.

EvoChain’s interconnectivity  is  made  possible  by  a inter-compatibility  layering  protocol  which  makes  communication between chains simple, secure, and instant. Mutual  gain  is  the  philosophy  of  EvoChain’s   development process.

Rather than a design model centered around an antagonistic mindset that puts crypto in the crosshairs of big banks, we’ve decided through careful reasoning that the best approach moving forward for all cryptocurrency is one that incorporates everyone’s interests and presents a mutual benefit to all parties involved.

Token Bonuses:

April 6- April 13 — 20%

April 14- April 21 — 10%

April 22 – May 3— 5%


June 1 – June 9 — 20%

June 10 – June 17 — 10%

June 18 – June 30 — 5%

July 1 – July 9 — No bonus

The Team


Sarkis Chouldjian — (SOFTWARE ENGINEER) LINKEDIN  —  Github

Brent Beeman (CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER) (Former JP Morgan Chase COO/CSO/CFO 25 Years Experience) — LINKEDIN


Daniel Bullington — (CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER) — LINKEDIN  — Github

Jiaqi Duan –(SOTWARE ENGINEER) —– LINKEDIN  — Github




Satyanarayana Pavuluri — LINKEDIN


June 2017

– Start of the project

– Goals definition

– Concept development

– Team formation

– Technical infrastructure creation

– Platform logic development

– Develop Business Plan

– Research Whitepaper

January 2018

– The Evochain protocol

– Backend- Multisig

– Encryption

– Transaction Guard / Refunds

– Publish WhitePaper

April 2018

– PR campaign

– Pre-sale preparation and launch

– Pre-ICO Launch

June 2018

– Frontend

– User interface

– ICO Token Sale begins and Smart Contract minting continues.

July 2018

– Token Sale completes.

– Investment rounds close.

– Non-sold tokens burned.

August 2018

– Product development and improvement

– Platform audit and processing of results

– Inter-chain currency exchange features built-in to blockchain

– Token listing on cryptoecxhanges

June – November 2019

– Exchanging cryptocurrency for Visa gift cards.

– Audit security of site and wallet applications, mobile and web

– Performance evaluation and audit.

– Launch VISA eGift Debit Card swap for crypto service.

December 2019

– Annual Report

– Continual support of wallet on desktop and mobile

– Continued customer support


Social Media profiles to add to EvoChain’s main:

Medium: https://medium.com/@contact_95395

Github:  https://github.com/futurebrain2045/ECHOsmartcontract

EvoChain review and analysis

Below you read our objective review and analysis of EvoChain.


  • A well developed, widely marketed and user-friendly cryptocurrency invoice service would be a significant improvement for the industry
  • The team has a lot of diverse and relevant expertise
  • The team has long term vision where this project could be developed
  • The provided materials look good and professional

Potential concerns

  • The commitment level of the core team for this project is challenging to verify
  • The payment system sector has multiple big competitors with established partnerships
  • No public partnerships available to review
  • The project would benefit for expanding its social media communities
Token: ECHO
Price: 4000 ECHO = 1 ETH
Buy with: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
KYC: KYC Required
Location: United States
Can’t join:
Pre-ICO Start: April 6, 2018
Pre-ICO End: May 3, 2018
ICO Start: June 1, 2018
ICO End: July 9, 2018


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DEVX SEEKS TO ADVANCE HUMANITY with a never-before-seen reward pool and a highly beneficial revenue model along with ambitious targets; such as DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, and finally the DEVX NEXT-GEN University.

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The GIF in GIFcoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund.

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Blockchain based payment for the adult entertainment industry

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Deedcoin’s platform (Already live at DeedcoinHQ.com) simply replaces the way you find your next real estate agent. Instead of finding their next agent on google for 6% commission, customers access our platform, input their property information

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Traxia is a blockchain solution to disrupt trade finance. There are $43 Trillion in accounts receivables at any given day, banks ‘only’ provide $3 Trillion in cash liquidity and we tap into this market potential.

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Solar energy and green crypto mining on blockchain SunMoney Solar Group (est. 2013) operates solar farms and crypto mines in Europe and has 10000 clients from 28 countries.

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Kinguin.io is the world’s first fully decentralized gaming marketplace.

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BoatPilot is marine Google Maps and TripAdvisor in one software for private yachting. The funds raised during the ICO will be used to expand this existing business dramatically. Each NAVI token will represent a piece of geo-data collected.

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Nollycoin powers a Peer-To-Peer content sharing System for the Movie industry . Nollycoin allows movie producers and their collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database

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