Cryptocurrency Live Price Tables

Minimum purchase is 50 Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 5% to 25%on every token purchase


Get yourself familiarized on the fundamentals of participating in ICO.

Research on Upcoming ICOs

Search for good resources or outlets that features the
latest ICO updates. Know which ICOs are coming up including ICOs
that has a whitelist so you could plan ahead.


Perform your Due Diligence

Perform your own research to make sure that the ICO
is a good project. Learn the key factors that will enable you
to effectively assess an ICO.

ICO Participation Process

Know the basic processes in participating on ICO
such as: opening an exchange account, opening your own wallets,
and following ICO instructions.


Exchanges to Trade ICO coins

If you believe in the tech, then hold the coins for
the medium to long-term, or until your price target is hits 2x, 3x, or 10x
of capital. If you just want to flip it, then sell it once it reaches
an exchange that usually lists an ICO.


Minimum purchase is 50 Coins tokens. Get a bonus from 5% to 25%
on every token purchase

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